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My experience in resistance welding:

1977: Welding Engineer at Chevy Detroit Gear & Axle, 1st automotive Pertron control user.
1978: As employee #12, I started the Pertron Detroit office, for the automotive market.
1982: This new automotive business put Pertron in the Inc 500 , in 1982, 1983 & 1984.
1987: Start up of Automation Data Corp. ("ADC") specifying a weld control that Toshiba built.
1988: ADC sold more in their first year than Pertron did during all three "Inc 500" years!
1992: Started Update Technology to assist my friends in the automotive world.
2012: Still assisting with start-up and troubleshooting of welding lines,
          mostly for prototype and tier 1 automotive suppliers now.
2021: Retired and moved "Up North", but I can answer questions - email me!

While working for Pertron Controls Corporation:

Redesigned Pertron Control for automotive applications:
  -Patent Number 4,456,809
  -Modular construction = Data Entry Panel and Single SCR unit.
  -Cost reduced to 1/3 of the original (PWC-300) Pertron Control.
  -Addition of features; stepper, repeat, last weld data, and more.
  -Fully programmable using alphanumeric welding terms.

Worked with Chrysler ODMTC to produce their "SA2" weld control specification and became a 50% supplier of Chrysler controls (Medar was approved to this spec. to supply the other 50%).

Worked with Ford AAD (Div. of Body-Assembly) to become the first control to officially be approved to the "10TS" control standard.

Pertron Paragon

At   ADC, our weld control introduced some "firsts" to automotive applications:

Drastic reduction of SCR failures
Last weld data, for the last hundred welds
Eliminated SCR condensation problem
Compact size (5"x 6"x 7" = 0.13 Cu.Ft.!)
Isolated cooling water from 480 VAC
Stepper boost applied every 2nd weld
Monitoring of secondary deterioration
SCR short trips breaker without control power
Memory backup without troublesome batteries


Direct interface to robots
Elimination of load resistors
Touchdown weld initiation
Network integrated
RS485 serial interface
Digital current calibration
Current set-up in K-amps
Current regulation

Most modern weld controls have adopted these features, so now they are available to all users.
After ADC closed, I assisted three other companies to second-source these controls.
Pretty slick, now you can buy the SAME CONTROL from three different companies, you gotta love it!

Formal Resistance Welding classes taught at these plants:

AZ Automotive:
    St. Hts, MI
    Centerline, MI
    Roseville, MI
    Warren, MI
    Marine City, MI
    London #1 & #2, ONT.
GM Shreveport LA
GM Moraine OH
GM Fort Wayne IN

GM Janesville WI
GM Arlington TX
GM Parma OH
IMPEL Industries MI
Quality Metal Craft, MI
GM Linden NJ
Raytheon Services
GM Proto, Warren MI
Toyota Cambridge Ont
Toyota, Princeton IN
Saturn, Spring Hill TN
PSI, Ottoville OH
The Budd Co. Phila, PA
Budd Co, Shelbyville KY
GM Wilmington Assy
Global Engineering MI

DEC, Madison WI
Lamb, Marysville MI
GM Wentzville, MO
GM Flint MI
Ford Ky. Truck
Grant Industries MI
Senior Automotive IL

Drive Automotive SC

If you buy from any of these companies, rest assured that they will call me for any weld problem, long before the parts go to you.

Red entries are where Aaron Bacon has assisted. Aaron is able to instruct and troubleshoot in my absence.
Also Aaron is very computer-literate, and has setup the Moraine weld gun database in one weekend!
Just ask Steve Goebel, the Welding Coordinator, was he surprised with Aaron's work!

Green entries are new accounts Aaron has setup in his first year as manager of Update Technology.

Startup Assistance to:
All of the above, plus: GM Lordstown Assy, Kuka Welding Systems, GM Lordstown Fab, Delco Kettering

Technical Assistance to:
All of the above, plus:

Atek Controls Corp, Chattanooga
Medar Inc, Farmington Hills MI
New Center Stamping, MI
WTC, Carol Stream IL
IET, Lapeer, MI
Ford Gas Tank, Rouge Plant
Toyo Seat, Dryden, MI
Process Development, Inc, OH
Curtis Maruyasu America, KY
GM WGV Group, Troy MI
Mascotech, Warren MI

Lectures, Papers given:

SME; Detroit, Charlotte, Columbus & Nashville AWS, Detroit